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Our Roots

Horses have always been a part of the Lazy T Stables and the land we are on, for over 80 years, Ben Wilkinson who homesteaded this land in the early 1930"s, raised draft horses, grew hay, raised cattle, when his son George succeeded Ben in the late 40's he operated a dairy operation with grain farming and of course horses still being a part of the landscape. With new owners In 1992, the boarding facility was born - ironically the new owner spent all his teenage years growing up in a horse boarding facility on the outskirts of Saskatoon and throughout teenage years gained a wealth of experience raising, training and boarding horses. This continued on as he kept horses throughout his life.

In 1992 The Lazy T Stables began boarding horses at this location. With ample pasture and a good barn the Lazy T Stables has expanded over the years to a full service horse boarding facility complete with indoor riding facilities, 2 barns consisting of 23 wood box stalls, private paddocks, tack rooms, outdoor training area, round pen. The Lazy T Stables new indoor riding arena is a big 80' wide x 120' long where you can ride or train - rain or shine - run the barrels - do the jumps - or train your horse with "despooking" equipment. Our 2 barns consist of all wood box stalls with wood floors easy and warm on horses feet - no concrete - also both barns have good sized tack rooms and are able to accommodate up to 35 saddles and tack along with an 55' outdoor round pen for developing the horses ground/training skills.

Our pasture of 70 acres of fenced with pasture split pasture depending on grass available, we feed with good quality grassy horse hay from established long time neighbourhood suppliers.

Our paddocks are all wood rail fenced complete with free choice round bale feeders shelters, watering bowls, with heated water in the winter months. From time to time we rotate the horses in the paddocks to give them a different environment.



5:30 AM - 11 PM